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    Glyph Art Studio offers fine art printing for artists, photographers and businesses using the longest lasting pigmented inks and the finest papers and canvas available. These archival pigment prints, commonly called giclee prints, are the highest quality, longest lasting prints available at any price.

    In recent years the term giclee has been appropriated by many businesses and individuals as a marketing term, and since there is no strict standard for the word, it has been used to describe prints made with solvent based sign printers, as well as dye based consumer quality printers. That has resulted in a higher degree of variability in what is being sold as a giclee, and a greater need for artists, photographers and collectors to educate themselves, and ask pertinent questions about what is being sold under that banner.

    As a rule, a high quality giclee print should be expected to be printed with a water based pigment printer on pH balanced paper or fabric. The best quality prints are currently made with 12 color ink sets (as our printer uses).

    Additional information can be found below. You may also want to visit the RESOURCES PAGE for more tips and info.

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    The world's most highly regarded lab researching the subject of print permanence, Wilhelm Laboratories, has rated the HP Vivera inkset as equal, or substantially better than any other printer on the market for print permanence on archival media. Under glass, the prints are rated over two-hundred years lifespan on many substrates. Read the details about them HERE

    Our wide selection of Exhibition Quality media, which includes paper and canvas options, is all archival and pH balanced, so you can rest assured that your prints will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

    Included with each archival print at no additional charge is a Certificate of Authenticity, which provides details about the ink, substrate and longevity, in addition to edition and print details. These certificates are printed on heavy watercolor stock and add both real and perceived value to any print.

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    I utilize a fully color managed workflow and custom media profiles, plus soft proofing with these profiles for the best color match possible. Although each file is fine tuned with adjustment layers specific to your image and media, I still recommend a proof to protect your investment in a larger print if you are providing me with the original files.

    I offer an 11" x 17" proof for $35 or a 9" x 12" proof for $25. Proofs are always printed on your selected media, and include comprehensive print optimization. Proofs on canvas include the same Sunset Giclee Coating as final prints at no additional charge.

    When I capture your original artwork, a 9" x 12" proof on your selected media is included with the price of the capture, along with your files on disk. Read about the digital capture process here.

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    Prices are calculated based on total paper size, including borders. Because there is such a wide variance in the price of the media we print on, I think it serves a customers interests to charge accordingly for prints. My two-tiered price structure is divided into DISPLAY and EXHIBITION QUALITY price groups to ensure that you only pay for what you need.

    There is no setup charge for files that originate with in house digital captures. There is a one time file preparation charge of $25 for files that you provide, which includes a file evaluation and minor adjustments, if necessary, for optimum print quality.

    Labor for digital intervention and and retouching is billed at $12 per quarter hour. Please visit the FAQ page for specific file setup information if you are providing your own digital file.

    In most cases, turnaround time runs about a week, but special circumstances may be taken into account for faster turnaround, when possible.

    All prints come with an unconditional money back guarantee.

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    I offer individualized file setup to extend the image or place a border around the sides of stretcher bars for gallery wraps. This gallery wrap file setup is offered for no additional charge. Unlike virtually everybody else, I don't just mirror the edge, as it often creates unsightly artifacts. I use a variety of techniques to seamlessly extend the image just as you would have painted it. Most clients prefer this look, but solid colors are another option for gallery wraps.

    I do not offer stretching or framing services. Fortunately, though, most frame shops stretch, and for Big Island customers, there are three within a twenty minute drive of the studio.

    Premier Art Eco Print Shield giclee coating with UV inhibitors, is offered in satin and gloss finishes for all canvas and paper offerings. In addition to UV protection, it protects against moisture, humidity, abrasion and airborne contaminants. The cost for this spray gun applied coating is included in canvas pricing, and offered on other substrates at 2¢ per square inch.


I believe that there is no substitute for the knowledge, skill and artistry of a master printmaker in producing high quality fine art prints. Even the best original image capture and the most accurately calibrated color workflow can be improved with non-destructive print optimization tailored for each individual image.

Color management, from digital capture through profiled printing, provides consistent results. The final key element in the chain, though, is a well trained eye, and the skill of a printmaker in fine tuning the output to bring out the best in each specific work. Years of experience at fine art printing show in the final output, and by choosing Glyph Art Studio, that experience comes with each and every print. It is the human touch that makes the ultimate difference.

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