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Aloha from Kona, on the Big Island.

Glyph Art Studio is Hawaii's source for large format fine art photographic printing, giclee art reproduction, high resolution digital photography and electronic design. It's hand crafted imagery, made with timeless values and the latest technology.

My business, Glyph Art Studio, serves local artists, photographers, small businesses and consumers on the Big Island. We also work with online customers anywhere, and have a convenient file upload page and flexible shipping options for a simple and efficient remote workflow, wherever you happen to be.

Glyph Art Studio is a new chapter of my fine art printing business in Hawaii. I worked as Colorwave Imaging for my first seven years in Hawaii, but went with a new name when I opened Glyph Art Gallery | Studio with my wife Lisa. Together, we have an art gallery and print/design studio under one roof, in the heart of Holualoa. Visit the Glyph Art Gallery site.

Ron Haake

Digital design, wide format printing and photography have been important elements in my work from the beginning, and I got involved just as the technology was coming of age. I've been producing graphics and printing photos since the earliest days of desktop publishing and wide format printers. I have been a Photoshop and Illustrator jockey since their humble beginnings, as well, pushing pixels and pulling bezier control points.

I started Glyph Art Studio (and Colorwave Imaging before it) because I was seeking new creative challenges. Hawaii and the Big Island called me, and the place needed more options for world class fine art printing and digital design. I'd like to work with you, and to turn your challenges into our challenges.

— Ron Haake

The world is overrun with visual stimuli that are the equivalent of fast food.
Let's work together to create something more satisfying:
Images That Matter.


Even with the best equipment and technical expertise, the human element is still a key part in art and visual imagery. Aesthetics, judgement, and the things that can't be measured or mapped, are all critical elements in the creative process.

By choosing Ron Haake and Glyph Art Studio, you can be assured that your work is treated with respect, individuality, and a fanatical attention to detail that you will soon learn to take for granted. From time to time you can get away with cutting corners, but when you approach something that matters like that, it often shows. I sweat everything like it matters.

As the noted writer, artist and philosopher Ebert Hubbard said on the subject: